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Odor Neutralization

  This week we want to focus on three key chemicals to help you with Odor Neutralization - ECOZ, ECOZ SOS and BIO-C Concentrate. All are produced by VaporTek. VaporTek combined American ingenuity and the adaptation of an idea by the business world to create environmentally safe products to help with your cleaning needs. BIO-C, ECOZ and ECOZ SOS are easy...
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NEW! MasterBlend Orange Blossom Deodorizer

MasterBlend Orange Blossom Deodorizer is the latest addition to their already successful fragrance line of carpet deodorizers. The MasterBlend deodorizers are premium odor counteractants. Now you have a new choice in addition to the Floral, Apple, Citrus, for tough odor situations. Use as a cleaning additive for that extra punch on regular cleaning situations, or as a general odor...
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