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Buying Used Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Things to consider when buying Used Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment Buying used commercial carpet cleaning equipment is something that most companies may end up considering sooner or later and that is mainly because this is a good way they can save a lot of money compared to buying new equipment. And while buying this type of equipment in used...
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Carpet Extractor Rental

Do you know we rent the Orbot Sprayborg and Ninja Classic portable extractors at Full Circle?  Rent the Orbot Sprayborg on your next commercial project and see the power of Encapsulation cleaning.  Use it in along with your hot water extraction process for incredible cleaning performance on the dirtiest of situations.  If you are in a bind and need...
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Ninja Classic Portable Extractor

Esteam Cleaning Systems – Ninja Classic Extractors

Ninja Classic As of January 2015 Esteam is the manufacturer of the ever popular Ninja "Classic" portable carpet cleaning extraction machine. It's been a best seller over the years because of it's bulletproof performance and small, easy to maneuver platform. It takes very little space in your van, so it's a perfect match when you are adding it to your...
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