Fiber Tech Brownaway

Fiber Tech Brownaway – Gallon

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Product Description

Fiber Tech Brownaway

Coffee, Tea & Tannin Stains

Fiber Tech Brownaway is specially formulated to effectively deal with two of the most problematic and common carpet issues browning and coffee stains. This solution is extremely effective on removing or preventing cellulosic and other types of browning that may occur on carpet or upholstery due to over wetting, inappropriate use of high pH alkaline chemicals, improper drying, and cellulosic soiling. Brownaway removes or reduces browning due to over wetting and bleed through of jute backing in carpets- Coffee and tea are two of the most common spots or stains on carpet and upholstery. This product was especially formulated to make the removal job easier for the professional. It will attack both coffee and other tannin stains quickly and effectively. Tannin is naturally found in tea, and sometimes added to inks and dyes. This solution is effective on new or old stains.


Always pretest fabric or carpet for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area.

For browning treatment and removal –

Use solution straight. Do not dilute. Apply this product using a sprayer. Do not mist. Apply uniformly to affected area. Brush solution to dwell until browning is reduced or disappears. Extract with portable or truck-mounted system with fresh water. There is a slight odor associated with the application of this product. This odor dissipates rapidly.

For Coffee, Tea, and Tannin Stain Removal –

On smaller spots, apply solution straight (Do not dilute) to a clean white cloth. Then thoroughly wet stain with the saturated cloth. On large areas, product may be applied with a sprayer. Allow to work until stain is lightened or removed. Then blot with clean, dry white cloth to remove excess moisture is desired. Follow by extraction cleaning, using an alkaline detergent extraction solution.

Weight 8 lbs


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