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Releasit Encap-1DS


Releasit Encap-1DS

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Releasit Encap-1DS

Original Hi-Performance Encap Shampoo

Releasit Encap-1Ds is the original hi-performance encapsulation shampoo. Most dry soil can be readily removed by routine dry vacuuming. It’s the oily and sticky soils that attract and hold dry soil to the surface. The result is a dull, gray, and ugly appearance. The key to effective carpet cleaning is to counteract sticky soils. Releasit’s CRYSTALON3 encapsulation polymer surrounds soil particles in the carpet and forms a crystal that can’t attract other soil. The encapsulated soil particles can then be extracted with normal routine vacuuming. And since there’s no dirt attracting residue, the carpet can stay clean longer.

Releasit started the encap revolution when the first jug of Encap-Clean DS rolled off the line. In the years that followed, it went on to set the benchmark for encapsulation detergents in the carpet cleaning industry. In 2011, Encap-Clean DS underwent a product reformulation to make it better for using in a spray application. The new version was renamed Encap-Clean DS2.
But it turns out that some folks still want their original Releasit formula. Perhaps they’re nostalgic for the product that earned them wheelbarrows full of money. So we’ve decided to offer both. Encap-1 reintroduces the original Releasit formula in all its encap glory. After all, it’s always been a hi-performance superstar. Now you can choose Encap-Clean DS2, or the original renamed Encap-1. The revolution continues.


High production. Ideal for commercial carpet care. Deep cleaning. Dries to a crystallized residue. No rinsing. Reduces wicking & recurring spills. Safe for colorfast wool, and all synthetic carpet fiber. Non-sticky encapsulated residue will not attract soil.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in


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