Financing new equipment for your carpet cleaning business is easy at Full Circle Cleaning Supply.  We are set up with several lenders that work with our customers, even those with credit challenges.  If you are interested in any Sapphire Scientific truckmounted cleaning equipment, everyone will be financed through One Degree Capital, guaranteed!  Our website makes it easy to estimate a payment for your truckmount or portable machine, it’s listed below each item.  Go directly to our application page and provide your information and the lenders will handle the rest.  After your approval status is sent to you, simply call us up and we’ll work out the details and put together a carpet cleaning package of your choice.

Another option is calling us directly and we can help point you to the right lender after we know exactly what you are looking for.  If you are going with a new van, we work directly with the several dealers.  Our reps can bundle the entire package together through the dealership for one easy payment, along with the incentives!

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