This week we want to focus on three key chemicals to help you with Odor Neutralization – ECOZ, ECOZ SOS and BIO-C Concentrate. All are produced by VaporTek. VaporTek combined American ingenuity and the adaptation of an idea by the business world to create environmentally safe products to help with your cleaning needs.

BIO-C, ECOZ and ECOZ SOS are easy to use, nontoxic, biodegradable and there is no residue if you dilute the products, so that means no stains! The recommended dilution is once ounce to one gallon.

ECOZ can be used for carpet cleaning, great on tile clean up and heaven forbid – your basement floods, it will clean the soot and grime that is left over.
Although it is not a disinfectant –  you can mix ECOZ to your disinfectant to aid in odor neutralization.

Now BIO-C is great for the use on drainage systems, grease traps, janitorial/portable toilets and on grout. It breaks down the waste to eliminate the odors and it is safe enough to pour directly on the waste. With its 5 different strains of dormant, non-patheogenic bacteria, it liquefies the waste. It destroys organic rot, charred wood, mold / mildew and skunk. Yes, I said it destroys skunk! But it cannot be mixed with any other product. Once you dilute it, you have 24 hrs to use the amount before it breaks down.
So whether you are  needing products for grease traps, janitorial reasoning or flooring clean up – Full Circle Chemical supply has you covered!
At Full Circle Chemical Supply, we are stocked to the brim with all of your carpet cleaning accessories!

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