Want to say goodbye to tough, tedious, demolition work? Check out our Gutster Demo Bar available in 48″ and 60″.

This demo tool is great for flooring, deck board, and roof sheathing removal.
This pry bar allows the user to retain an almost vertical stance when using.
Our Gutster Demo Bar is great for restoration, flooring, decking, and other demolition projects.

Are you looking for a superior demo tool? Check out the incredible Gutster Demo Bar. Our unique design allows users to maintain an almost vertical stance while demoing. This means less strain on your back, and a faster, more effective demolition process. This 60 inch pry bar has additional weight, which provides great momentum when removing hardwood flooring.

Our demo tools are created with high quality materials, strong enough to handle even the toughest demolition jobs. The nail puller at the back of the head allows you to easily remove nails while you go, without the need for bending over. The wheels on this Gutster Demo Bar allow you to roll the bar easily across the floor, which means it can even double as a hand truck.