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Botanical Decontamination Deodorizer

For odors resulting from water damage, moisture build-up and mustiness

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  • Botani-Phase represents the newest renewable and sustainable natural deodorizing technology as it derives its odor eliminating and decontamination capabilities directly from plant extracts.
  • Whenever you have a carpet, textile or hard surface that has been impacted by water intrusion or moisture exposure to the point it has developed odors related to mold, mildew, and mustiness, Botani-Phase works to effectively clean and deodorize that surface.
  • Cleaning and Restoration professionals face many unique situations where they need to eliminate the odors resulting from excess moisture in the environment or a lack of ventilation and air movement. Rather than add synthetic fragrances which only mask the odor, why not use a natural, plant based deodorizer to clear the air, refresh the room, and deodorize both porous and non-porous surfaces?
  • Botani-Phase is the ideal deodorizer for restoration and remediation sites, contents cleaning and deodorization, carpet and upholstery cleaning, decontamination and odor control jobs, and more.
  • Used from 1:4 to straight depending upon the severity and intensity of the contamination and odor.
  • Contains no enzymes, bleaches, solvents, phenols, quats, oxidizers, bacteria, or chemical desensitizers.

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