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The shearing cleaning effect of the Hi-Flow Hyper-Velocity Cleaning Technology virtually eliminates the most common cause of upholstery cleaning problems , overwetting – helping you greatly reduce the chances of bleeding, shrinking, and browning. The Hi-Flow, Hyper-Velocity fluid stream technology allows you to utilize the power of your truckmount or high performance portable extractor rather than by-passing it and keeps your truckmount heating system operating throughout the cleaning with no heat loss from atomizing a spray pattern.

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The DriMaster 3 Upholstery Cleaning Tool maintains the proven ergonomic design, cleaning performance and engineering achievements of the DriMaster 2 Upholstery Cleaning Tool. At the same time, feedback from cleaning technicians just like you has led to several exciting enhancements to the product.

  • MOLDED GLIDES on the tool lips means a smoother surface with nothing to wear out virtually eliminating any chance of fabric snagging
  • The tool is easy to clean out and even easier to service! Just undo four screws and remove the nose cone for complete access. Push to connect fittings between the valve and bar jet allow for cleaning access and easy replacement.
  • If nose cone gets dropped, cracked or chipped, just replace the nose cone. This extends the useful life of your tool for long term profitable cleaning.

The cleaning solution is applied in thin, flat fluid stream for even application. The constant solution flow is trained by the patented injector bar and slotted vacuum port system, which means there is no spray jet to clog. The cleaning solution shears across the fabric, rather than directly spraying into it, which greatly minimizes the likelihood of over-wetting the fabric. In addition, the immediate vacuum recovery of solution flow means less residual moisture, which leaves the fabric cleaner and dryer. Most cleaning can be done without the need for a second drying pass. The cleaning head is 20% larger than conventional upholstery tools – faster cleaning means more money for you. The Jetless, no trigger valve technology causes less fatiguing strain on your hands, which means you can clean upholstery in higher volumes.

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