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The Next Generation of Direct Drive Truckmounts!

How Does The CDS xDrive Power Delivery System Work?

The CDS xDrive will revolutionize direct drive and PTO truckmounts in the cleaning and restoration industry with computer programmed operational precision.

The CDS xDrive uses the power and heating source already provided by the host vehicle engine.
The concept behind the revolutionary, game changing technology of the CDS xDrive lies in the XCCELERATED Drive System. Power delivery and performance is no longer measured by horsepower.

The XCCELERATED Drive System is a state-of-the-art technology that uses a specially designed generator to transfer energy to a computerized power monitoring controller. This collected energy is delivered at precise pre-programmed consistent levels to an electric motor. The electric motor powers a shaft and belt system delivering consistent direct non-fluctuating energy to the vacuum blower and solution pump.

This patent pending design provides the most consistent power delivery control to the vacuum blower and other major components of ANY truckmount — slide-in or direct — providing your customers with faster drying times and more consistent cleaning!

The CDS xDRIVE must be installed in a 2016+  T250 or T350 Ford Transit. It can be the low, middle, or high roof option. It must be the 3.7L gas engine and have the 53K option

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