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Impact High Performance Floor Pads


Impact Conventional Floor Pads


(Black High Performance, Ultra High Pro, Black Stripping, Green Scrubbing, Blue Scrubbing, Red Spray Buffing, 40 Red Spray Polishing, White Polishing)

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Impact High Performance Floor Pads

175-350 RPM MACHINES & 1000-3000 RPM MACHINES

Ultra Hi-Pro Stripping (RazorBack), High Performance Stripping (DiamondBack), Blue Ultra (Blue Ace), Natural Light (Gorilla Lite), Natural Poly (Jaguar), Natural Fiber (Gorilla)

FOUR STAGES OF FLOOR MAINTENANCE There are four stages of maintenance in the life cycle of a floor. The goal is a clean and shiny surface. The special fiber blend engineered into each pad type is designed to address each stage efficiently. Identifying the condition of your floor is critical in choosing the most effective course of action.

STAGE 1: REFURB (Stripping) Floor Condition: The floor appears tired, lifeless or dull. You need to refurbish the true floor that lies just beneath the surface. Solution: The most time-efficient way to do this job is with a conventional machine (175-350 RPM), appropriate diluted stripping solution and a highly aggressive floor pad (Impact Black Stripping, Ultra High Pro or Black High Performance).

STAGE 2: REFRESH (Daily Cleaning) Floor Condition: The floor looks good. Your goal is to keep it that way by refreshing it daily to avoid the surface breakdown caused by sand, grit, and soil that is tracked in. Solution: Mopping for spills and daily dust mopping will reduce the effect that traffic has on the floors.

STAGE 3: RESTORE (Burnishing) Floor Condition: Over time, refreshing won’t be enough. The floor will show black scuff marks and scratches, and the glossy look will fade. Solution: Use Impact’s Red Cleaning/Spray, 40 Red Cleaning/ Buffing and White Polishing pads under conventional 175 to 350 RPM equipment and/or an Auto Scrubber for larger areas. Impact has eight ultra high-speed burnishing pads to help maximize and enhance any UHS fl oor care program.

STAGE 4: RECOAT (Scrub & Recoat) Floor Condition: Recoating a floor is a rewarding process that helps prolong the life of a floor and lengthens the time between refurbishing. Solution: Using the right pad will remove only the top one or two layers as desired. Try Green for heavy soil, Blue for moderate and Red for light-soil conditions.


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