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Mosquito Portable Extractor (3 Gallons)


Options of standard or super vacuum motors, 201-degree stainless steel in-line heater, 55, 120 and 170 PSI solution pumps make this spotter clearly in a category of its own.



Mosquito Portable Extractor

Innovative, powerful, clever. It’s what we hear about our new Mosquito Portable Extractor (3-gallons). Designed with simplicity and durability in mind and performance only found on large extraction equipment.

  • Industry’s Best Warranty: Lifetime on Body, 1-Year on Pump +Motor
  • Sealed marine grade bearings
  • Epoxy -coated vacuum fans
  • Stainless steel latches
  • Pumps with chemically-resistant Viton seals
  • MADE IN THE USA – Designed, Manufactured + Assembled in the US
    COMPLETE + READY-TO-GO –   8′ vacuum + solution hoses and 4″ clear view hand tool included

Noise-Diffusing Exhaust Manifolds –

Heated/high-pitch air exits the motor into the exhaust manifold. High  frequency noise is deflected against sound absorbing material as air is gradually released from the exhaust manifold. Air then exits the noise diffuser without the high pitch noise of the fan blades – resulting in a much quieter operation!

Specifications for Mosquito Portable Extractor


55 PSI 120 PSI 170PSI
Capacity/Recovery 2.9 gal / 2.6 gal X X X
Vacuum Super 82” lift/97cfm/8amp X X X
Pump 55 PSI / 101 amp FloJet UL Viton seals X 120 PSI AquaTec UL Viton seals 120 PSI AquaTec UL Viton seals
Power Cord UL 20ft integrated strain relief X X X
Hand Tool Stainless Stell w/Clear View Head X X X
Weight/Shipping 27 lb / 31 lb Shipping X 28 lb / 32 lb shipping 28 lb / 32 lb shipping
Dimension/Shipping 19’H X 21”L X 9”W X X X
HEAT SPOTTERS Include: Stainless steel 201 degree/7amp, Vacuum, Super 82” lift/97cfm/8amp, Hand Tool, Stainless steel tool w/brass valve


Spotter Manual Download

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