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OdorX C.O.C. Commercial


C.O.C Cherry



Crystal Odor Counteractant (C.O.C.) combines chemical odor neutralizers and natural absorbents in a long-lasting, ready-to-use dry deodorizer effective against sewage, putrefaction, and more.

Cherry Scent

C.O.C. is a blend of odor control essential oils and evaporative control agents in a solid crystal form. Here are some ways to use C.O.C.:

  • Sprinkled across floors
  • Placed in an HVAC systems
  • Inserted into difficult to reach areas such as insulation, attics and crawl spaces, and above suspended ceilings


Mixing: None required.

Application: Place open container in affected area, or sprinkle as needed. Useful in deodorizing insulation, wall cavities, and ceiling voids. See label for additional instructions.

Additional information

Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in

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