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Rx20 Nextgen Rotary Jet Extraction Cleaning Tool For Portable Extractors


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The RX20 NEXTGEN for Portable Extractors – A Perfect Match

The RX20 set the standard for Rotary Jet Extraction® cleaning, with over 25,000 units sold over the last 35 years. HydraMaster introduced rotary extraction cleaning with three primary goals: a higher level of cleaning performance in a carpet cleaning wand, faster drying; and reducing fatigue for the cleaning technician. Now HydraMaster is raising the stakes in rotary extractors with the introduction of the RX20 NEXTGEN, a new tool that redefines that standard and “ups the ante.”   But did you know you can use your RX20 NEXTGEN with your favorite portable extractor?  You can with this special version of the RX20 NEXTGEN – It comes down to the air flow needs of your extractor matching up best with the rotary tool, so HydraMaster has changed with jets and skids on this special model.  The jets allow the standard volume of water to flow onto the carpet, but the genius part is the skids are designed specifically for lower air flow (that portables need) and optimized for the best recovery.  There are five smaller quick connect jets on the portable version of the RX20 NEXTGEN that are designed to complement the portable version of the stainless skids that allow for optimizing the lesser vacuum you see out of portables.  Special angles on the skids have been demonstrated to enhance water recovery with the less vacuum flow of a portable extractor. The special skids and supporting jets are designed to optimize water recovery with a portable extractor and reduce drying times. The RX20 NEXTGEN portable version works best with portable extractors producing 400psi or more in solution pressure.

The rest of the features are like the other RX20 NEXTGEN models:

• Easier to handle and more comfortable to operate.
• Extends your deep cleaning reach and optimizes productivity with an on-board crevice tool to vacuum to the edges and corners.
• Your customer can see extracted water and soil through the site tube in the on-board crevice tool.
• The handle has been ergonomically enhanced and re-designed for operator comfort.
• On-board detailed operation instructions make it easier to train new technicians.
• An additional switch sustains head rotation and allows for operation with left hand only.
• New no-slip handle locking mechanism.
• Streamlined manufacturing processes without compromising performance, reliability & durability.

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 43 in

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