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Sahara Pro X4 TurboDryer



  • Variable speed control with rotary dial.
  • Daisy-chain capability with convenience outlet and circuit breaker.
  • Stacks vertically for storage.
  • Underside drying vent eliminates wet spots


Produces high velocity airflow for ventilation and to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from structural and other materials. A durable, high performance airmover featuring three speeds and GFCI outlets to connect multiple units. Uses only 2.5 amps at maximum setting.
AIRFLOW: 867 CFM | 1473 CMH
STATIC PRESSURE: 0.92 in. (H2O) | 229.0 Pa
POWER/AMPS (115V, 60 HZ): 2.5 A (high speed), 2.2 A (medium), 1.9 A (low)
WEIGHT: 24.3 lbs. | 11.0 kg

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