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Shark Tile & Grout Brush


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Take a bite out of grime with the toothy scrubbing power that this tool offers. It will perform better, and last longer than similar alternatives, and it works incredibly well on any type of grout. Thin or thick lines can be scrubbed clean with ease, and thanks to the triangular shape, it will even wash the tile surface, all at the same time.

Out of stock



Use comfortably as a hand-held tool, or attach to any standard pole to give yourself a longer reach. It has a swiveling attachment that makes it easy to get any surface, and more bristles than most for increased cleaning power. The stiff material will eliminate stubborn dirt without trouble, and individual bristles won’t wear out, or lose shape, like flimsy versions do. The bristles at each end angle outward to allow for cleaning all the way to the baseboards, and five thick rows provide ample surface area for scrubbing. Stop gagging on toxic chemical smells, and don’t waste any more time with inferior brushes and scrub pads that just don’t work. Clean mineral deposits, hard water, mold, mildew and other dirt without breaking a sweat when you use to this tool.

Why It’s Good

  • Commercial Grade. Thicker, more durable materials will perform well and last a long time. It has better bristles that won’t bend, break, or become too soft, so they will scrub like crazy with each and every use.
  • Extra Bristles. Not only do they clean better, and last longer, there are also more of them. This tool has up to 50% more bristles when compared to other options. Increased surface area improves performance, and makes your job easier.
  • Thin Or Thick. Other brushes have trouble with the thin lines commonly found in restrooms. This one works on any size, and will get deep down, no matter how skinny the area.
  • Ideal Angle. Arranged at a 31 degree angle for added performance, the bristles will clean the top of tile and down in the lines all at the same time.
  • Unique End. Most brushes are aligned straight up and down. This one has an outward angle at the tips to make it easy to clean all the way to the edge.
  • Powerful. Other tools force you to sweat and struggle as you attempt to get things clean. This one does the tough work for you, and only requires slight pressure to produce the same or better results.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 2 in

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