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SLX 47 Slide In Truckmount


Frame: Stainless steel, tubular construction

Powerful Performance: 455 CFM for fast drying time, adjustable water pressure for upholstery, carpet, hard surface cleaning and pressure washing

Quiet: ‘Hospital grade’ silencing system

Heating System: Ceramic coated, multi-stage heating system delivers consistent heat

Color Coded Quick Connects: Red (hot), yellow (warm) and blue (cold) quick connects for different water temps

Easy Access: Removable side & top panels for quick access to components, panel mounted engine, blower & pump oil drains for easy servicing and front panel blower lube dispenser

Convenient: Front mounted “Easy Lube” vacuum lube system, front panel oil sights allow easy fluid checks, front mounted oil drain ports for easier maintenance, pre-wired AUX and APO switch

Safety Features: High Temperature Shutdown, Waste Tank Full Shutdown and Oil Sensor Shutdown

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Cleanco takes pride in their history of building quality, dependable, reliable truckmounts. In every Cleanco truckmount, there is over 40 years of engineering expertise and the SLX 47 is no exception. For a detailed quote or to inquire about financing option, we have a friendly team who can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Additional information

Weight 840 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 45 × 47 in

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