Stain Out is a specialized formulation that can be used to pre-spot carpet, rugs, and upholstery prior to overall cleaning, or as a spot and stain remover for localized application. Stain Out is effective on stains such as pet urine, coffee, cola, tea, food spills, grass stains, wine and liquor and is equally effective on stains such as make-up, lipstick, oils and greases, fats, hair creams and dressings, shoe polish, flood wax, and inks.


  1. If spot contains some solid matter, scrape up as much as possible prior to application of product.
  2. Saturate spot with undiluted product and allow to penetrate into stain.
  3. Absorb product and dissolved matter with a paper towel or cloth. Re-apply product to spot and agitate slightly.
  4. Repeat this procedure until paper towel or cloth seems to have dissolved all of the spot.
  5. Allow to dry. When dry, vacuum the surface, or brush upholstery fiber to raise pile or nap.

Some oil based stains tend to bleed when emulsification occurs, so take care not to spread stain. Do not mix this product with other cleaning compounds or solvents.

NOTE: Always check an obscure area of surface to determine color fastness of fabric. DO NOT USE ON NATURAL FIBERS.