Have you tried Fiber Tech Blitz and Magnum Traffic Lane Pre-Sprays on your extremely soiled carpet cleaning challenges?  There is a reason that these two pre sprays are top sellers at Full Circle.  You can actually see the products start working the second they hit the carpet.  Mixture is one to eight, so they are both very economical.  For even more boost, add a few ounces of Fiber Tech Orange-X to the mix and you are ready to tackle the toughest carpet cleaning project.  Magnum is available in powder form with Orange-X already built in!

Both Blitz and Magnum Traffic Lane Cleaners are available in 1 Gallon, 15 Gallon Kegs, and 55 gallon Drums. Magnum Orange-X Traffic Lane Cleaner is available in 8lb and 40lb containers.


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