Fiber Tech Quick Release

Fiber Tech Quick Release – Gallon

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Product Description

Fiber Tech Quick Release

Liquid Carpet Cleaning Extraction Emulsifier

Fiber Tech Quick Release is a remarkable liquid formula used for aggressive emulsification on all carpet soils. Quick Release is tough on stains and deeply imbedded soils, yet harmless to carpets and cleaning equipment. Ready to use pH levels meet specifications for use on stain-resistant carpets. Non-corrosive to machinery and safe for daily use.

Fiber Tech Quick Release is highly concentrated and economical to use while still maintaining high cleaning performance. Rinses completely and leaves no residue behind to attract soils.


Use in primary cleaning applications or as a rinse/cleaning aid in extraction type applicators.

Ready To Use Solution –

Mix 2 oz. with 5 gallons of water to use in portable equipment.

For Truckmounts –

Mix 1 quart with 5 gallons of hot or cold water and meter as needed.

Weight 8 lbs

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    Quick Release is my favorite cleaner for those tough black spots in front of sofas and chairs, as long as it’s not 5th Gen carpet. Spray on spot full stregth, then HWE slowly over it, and you always get spectacular results!

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