Concrobium® Broad Spectrum Disinfectant is a botanically-derived, EPA-registered bactericide, virucide* and fungicide made from a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils. The unique thyme-based formula offers several unique advantages:
> Value
One-step solution offers proven disinfection with superior cleaning performance, without the premium price
> Ease of Use
Ready-to-use formula does not have the harsh lingering odor
> Safety
Plant-based ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable; no ammonias, chlorines or glutaraldehydes

Physical state: Liquid pH: 5.5 – 8.5
Appearance: Transparent clear solution
Coverage: 400 – 1500 square feet per gallon, depending on application method and surface absorbency
Freeze thaw stability: If frozen, thaw back to a liquid, then shake well prior to use.
Odor: Light spice
PPE: None
Package: 1 gallon jug
Weight: 8.8 lbs
EPA Registration #: 87742-1-82552
Xactimate Code: WTR>GRMB