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Dirty Grout Demon Brush


Out of stock

The world’s meanest and longest lasting grout brushes are here!

Tired of grout brushes that wear out too fast, or don’t perform? Get a brush with teeth! The new Dirty Grout Demon will chew up and spit out your old grout brush! The Tynex bristles on the Grout Demon have microscopic silicon carbide teeth that make short work of even the dirtiest grout lines.

Out of stock




  • Patented Tynex Nylo-Grit bristles
  • ‘Flex’ center fills all sizes of grout lines
  • Angled bristles makes this Grout brush the only one capable of cleaning the tile itself!
  • Contains 50% more brush material than other grout brushes
  • Center bristles won’t “round out” like other grout brush bristles, which makes the brush useless for grout cleaning.

Head only. Handle must be purchased separately.

Compatible handles:
AB110 EZEE Grip Pole
AB22H 1 PC Perky Pole
XG386 3-PC Perky Pole
57288 Hardwood Handle with Metal Threaded Tip

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 2 in

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