DRI EAZ Wet Chec

The WetChec is a promotional tool for detecting moisture in many materials, inculuding carpet, pad, upholstery, and other soft surfaces. Inexpensive tool for customers to monitor drying progress. Ideal for insurance representatives, homeowners, building managers, as well as anyone else who needs to check for abnormal moisture.

How To Operate:
1. Remove Cap.
2. For Carpet, pad, and upholstery, the points can be inserted into the material.
3. When both points contact moist materials, the Wetchec begins to beep and this usually indicates abnormal moisture.
4. A faster beep indicates greater moisture condition and a slower beep indicates less moisture. In both cases, drying should continue until no beep occurs.
Note: False readings may occur due to conductivity from sources such as metal or unine salts.