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Odorcide 210 Original


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Use what the Pros use to eliminate odors of all kinds. Food, curry odors, smoke, urine, sweat, and more. Odorcide 210 Odor Eliminator – Professional Strength Economical Concentrate. 16oz Concentrate makes 2 gallons at full strength. One application eliminates odors from carpet, upholstery, hardwood, and other surfaces. Easy-to-use. Just apply and let air dry. If it stinks, Odorcide is your solution.

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Odorcide 210 Original

Serious Odor Problems

Odorcide 210 Original works through a process of counteraction and absorption to safely, but effectively eliminate the malodor. Serious odors originating from pet/human urine, sweat, mold, feces and decaying organic material can be extremely offensive and difficult to eliminate.  Sold in concentrate and ready-to-use forms, it can be used in carpet cleaning systems and a variety of janitorial applications.

Designed to work in carpet cleaning and deodorizing equipment as a presoak, detergent or rinse additive. As a spray on hard surfaces in restrooms or other rooms found in schools, homes, hospitals and nursing homes. As a spray or soaker on upholstery, fabric, carpet, drapery, etc. Can also be used for on-going odor elimination as an additive to mop, sponge or sprayer applications.

The Starter Kit includes:
• (1) 64 oz Bottle of Concentrate • (1) 16 oz Bottle of Concentrate • (1) 16 oz Bottle of Ready-to-Use Soaker • (1) Funnel • (1) Product Sample • (1) Product Brochure

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 11 in

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1 review for Odorcide 210 Original

  1. Greg Brown

    Very concentrated and effective. Customer can tell its’ working since it has strong odor

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