The Ultimate Professional Brush for Showers and Countertops!

  • Larger Brush Head with More Bristles
  • A triple-bristle head with over TWICE the bristles of competing brushes.
  • Offers a wider sweep pattern for more efficient scrubbing.
  • Angled Design for Maximum Efficiency

The unique curved design of the Raptor lets you maximize downward force for efficient cleaning of grout lines, corners, and other hard-to-reach places. The improved angular design also makes it easy to clean around fixtures, such as handles, faucets, drains, and more. Ergonomic Handle The ergonomic handle features a comfortable, easy-grip design for reduced hand fatigue and total user comfort.
Cleans both thin and thick grout lines; Triple-bristle head with 2X the bristles of competing brushes; Unique curved design for cleaning around fixtures; Great for showers and countertops; Ergonomic, anti-fatigue handle.