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Sapphire Scientific AirPath Floor Dryer


Sapphire Scientific AirPath



Sapphire Scientific AirPath

Dry floors in minutes not hours!

With the AirPath as part of your Sapphire cleaning system, your customer’s carpets can be dry within minutes of completing the job. The AirPath’s patented design provides tremendous airflow in a 360 degree pattern to evaporate all water left behind. Tackle hard surfaces, too – get them dry and ready to seal even before you’ve finished prepping the next section! Simply move the AirPath from room to room as you work your way through the home or commercial building. By the time you’re done loading your cleaning gear back in the van, the AirPath will have dried the job. Don’t let knockoffs let you down! Only the AirPath saves time and makes money for you while setting you apart from your competitors.

The Airpath is protected under a one year limited warranty. See owner’s manual for details.


  • High velocity 40 mph airflow
  • Patented louvered grill design
  • 1 HP motor with two-speed switch
  • Lightweight and portable – only 38 lbs | 17.3 kg!
  • Stackable rotomolded housing

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Weight 38 lbs


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