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Titan 625

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Performance that makes you want to get up and go to work every morning!

Streamlined Design and Function increases reliability and makes your work day simpler.

No matter what the cleaning or restoration challenge – The TITAN 625 delivers – Dual Wand Carpet Cleaning, Long hose pull residential and commercial carpet cleaning; Pressure washing with full waste recovery capabilities, Restorative Concrete, stone, and tile floor cleaning; or Water extraction


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Massive 38HP KOHLER Command Pro EFI Air Cooled Engine – EFI Fuel Delivery, EPA approved delivers maximum power and cost efficient performance

GD408 Rotary TRI-LOBE Vacuum Blower produces 500+ CFM of airflow for faster drying, longer hose runs

Tri-3VX Belt Drive Power Delivery System allows for reduced space usage, gearing up power through pulleys and adsorbs mechanical vibration and takes up misalignments. Removable belts make for easy access maintenance

Proven MAX-TEMP Heat Exchanger fin and tube heat exchanger with heat-boost for faster warm-up open design maintaining cleaning solution temperature up to 245°F at intermittent carpet cleaning solution flow rate and 180°F at continuous high pressure solution flow rate

Streamlined design and function for clean and simple design – belt driven, no diverter valve and minimized wiring

Dual wand plumbed to double your productivity, massive vacuum performance to extend your cleaning reach and maximum productivity every day

And that same tough as nails TITAN quality with more intuitive and easier to use panel directions and graphics for easier operation and maintenance

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