OdorX Bad Odor Blocks

Easy-to-use odor counteractant

OdorX Bad Odor Blocks are a simple, convenient method to quickly suppress odors in virtually any location. Available in a wide variety of pleasant scents, the natural wicking block starts dispensing when the sealed package is opened. The Bad Odor Block media holds more than three times its weight in active ingredients for long lasting deodorization. The Bad Odor Block is a simple, convenient method to dispense a deodorizer in virtually any location. The deodorizer is adsorbed onto a natural wicking block and starts dispensing when the block is removed from the sealed package. Because the deodorizer has oily components, be sure to use the block only in areas where contact with oil will not cause damage. The oil might soften or discolor certain paints, for example. The deodorizer will dispense more rapidly in higher temperatures or when air flow increases across the surface of the block.

Bad Odor Blocks are useful in several different areas including:

• Automobiles

• Duct system registers

• Furnace plenums

• Intakes of carpet dryers to control odor during drying process

• Small rooms and closets