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Zip Runner Ultimate Floor Protection


RN98 & RN33



ZipRunner™ product is better than drop cloths, runners and carpet films because it’s absorbent and leak proof. Spills won’t soak through because it’s backed with an impermeable plastic barrier. The non-woven material also traps dust tracked into
the job site and it helps resists minor impacts.

In addition, it can be used with ZipWall double sided tape.

The tape holds the ZipRunner Ultimate Floor Protection material in position on smooth flooring, carpet, and other surfaces.

ZipRunner rolls are available in 3 lengths:
1meter wide x 3 meters long (9’8″)
1meter wide x 10 meters long (33’)
1meter wide x 30 meters long (98’)

ZipRunner Ultimate Floor Protection
has many uses
Outstanding performance- superior to
drop cloths, carpet films & runners

• Wood Flooring
• Made of absorbent non-woven material
• Carpet
• Leak-proof, impermeable plastic backing
• Tile • Cushions surfaces agains minor impacts
• Concrete
• Will help trap dust and grit
• Vinyl
• Easy to use- lays out flat
• Counter Tops
• Reusable
• Furnishings
• Car Interiors
• Just about any surface

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Weight 10 lbs



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