The RX-15H allows you to clean tile, stone, and concrete floors faster and easier and better than any other cleaning tool or system. Combined with your truckmount or high performance – high pressure portable extractor, it will clean circles (pardon the pun) around any automatic scrubber on the market. If you are looking for restorative deep cleaning of hard surface floors, the RX-15H is your ideal cleaning tool. Your ability to clean surfaces at higher solution pressures with rotary jet agitation, along with your exclusive ability to quickly recover wastewater and soiling and dry the floor, make the RX-15H a better and more environmentally responsible way to clean hard surfaces floors.

The RX-15H hard surface floor cleaning tool is light-weight, yet it is extremely strong and durable. To really understand the power of the RX-15H you have to understand its cleaning action.

It is a self-contained rotary washer and extractor, driven by water pressure. It agitates, washes and rinses the surface and immediately recovers the soil and water at the same time. It works best at solution pressures between 800-1200psi.
Under the molded hood you find a spray-bar and pressure-wash jets. These are driven by the water pressure, and the RX-15H spins faster at higher pressure. The RX-15H works with front-to-back and side-to-side motion.
The durable handle has a 2” vacuum line all the way to the cleaning head for better air-flow and faster drying.
The industry leading 15” cleaning path allows you to clean 25-30% faster than traditional 10-12” rotary tools and three times as fast as stationary hard surface wands. This saves you time, labor, and money!
The RX-15H allows you to adapt to the floor you are cleaning – tile, stone, or concrete. The RX-15H blasts soil and dirt from tile, grout, and smooth or rough surfaces

The RX-15H includes both a hard boot and brush ring for smooth or rough surfaces. The hard boot is typically used on harder surfaces and the brush should be used for sensitive stone surfaces that might scratch. The brush bottom prevents trapping particles that could scratch soft floors. The brush may also be preferred on very flat floors when the plastic body forms a tight seal making the tool harder to move.
The plastic boot that contacts the floor assures good vacuum and a dry finish for most tile floors.
No tools are required to change from the hard boot to the brush, as the EZ change system allows you to quickly switch from one to the other with no screws, pop rivets, or tools needed
Ergonomic Design. Easier to use. Easier to maintain.

The handles are spaced average shoulder width apart for a smoother ergonomic cleaning that feels like the tools is floating across the floor. This design also allows the tool to work effectively for shorter or taller technicians. The easy pull trigger helps reduce repetitive motion strain on muscles and tendons.
The easy-access inline filter makes cleaning and maintenance a snap. Clean filters will prevent loss of water pressure to ensure peak performance at all times on all surfaces.
The aerodynamically designed head creates a laminar flow vortex and the radial vacuum line provides for more even removal of recovered water and soil than competitive designs so your floor dries faster.
The deck has a toe adjustable vacuum relief to prevent annoying sticking from excess suction and lets you optimize your vacuum pressure on the fly
Low profile design allows the tool to get under counters and toe kicks.