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Sapphire Scientific 370 Truckmount

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Sapphire Scientific 370 Truckmount

The industry’s top-selling truckmount

Cleaners have made the Sapphire Scientific 370 the #1 truckmount for good reason. It has the hottest water of any truckmount in its class, delivers the strongest vacuum and the best fuel efficiency. This truckmount features a space-saving profile that’s half the footprint of other truckmounts. It’s also versatile – clean carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces! Whether you are looking to expand your cleaning capacity or to enter the cleaning business with a rock solid truckmount, the 370 is the right choice!

Single-wand unit with maximum space utilization design – 30% narrower than competitive units – with superior heat and thermostatic control. Save water and chemicals!

Utilizing a unique patent-pending heat diverter system to keep the blower cool, Sapphire truckmounts never need to bypass to the waste tank. Boost your fresh water capacity! Work longer and more efficiently with a sub-mount freshwater tank. Sapphire tanks hold up to 70 gallons, allowing you to clean longer between refills, and boosting the efficiency of your operation. Model 68-142.

The 370 is covered under Sapphire Scientific’s exclusive two year warranty. See your Owner’s Manual for details.

Sapphire Scientific 370 Standard Equipment

  • One 12 in. dual jet double bend stainless steel wand
  • One 50 ft. section of 2½ in. vacuum hose
  • One 50 ft. section of 2 in. vacuum hose
  • One 100 ft. section of high pressure hose
  • One 50 ft. section of water supply hose with quick-connect
  • One reducer cuff and one connector
  • Battery box
  • Installation Kit
  • Operation and Service Manual


  • Smallest cubic size in the industry: Requires 50% less cubic inches than other competitive models freeing up precious van space
  • Thermostatic control: Allows complete temperature control up to 250 degrees
  • Longer belt life: Unique through-frame cooling system directs air over drive belts, extending belt lifespan.
  • Intuitive control panel simplifies operation
  • Last-step chemical injection ensures peak performance from water pump system
  • One of the most rigid frames ever built – reduces vibration and increases reliability
  • Optional pre-filter box: Easily clean filter from the van door
  • Waste pump-out switch located on the control panel – simplifies pump-out operation
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Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truckmount Flyer

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Weight 966 lbs



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